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4 Common Pests & How to Rid Them

4 Common Pests & How to Rid Them

4 Common Pests & How to Rid Them

Bugs are everywhere. From Southern Florida to Northeastern Maine, there are thousands of bugs in all climate conditions. While you may not see much tick infestation in warmer regions such as Florida, you can certainly spot some annoying – and potentially harmful – pests that share a space with you every day. You’ll want to know what and how to rid your home of these 4 common pests.

No-See-Ums or Biting Midges

If you live in a tropical climate (and especially near the water), you’ll recognize these pesky pests very quickly. There are over 4,000 species of biting midges! The biting midge – also known as No-See-Ums – have no shame when it comes to infesting your territory. And these flies carry their name quite confidently because they are so tiny that you hardly spot them (until it’s bite is the only thing you notice!). And much like mosquitos, they have an appetite for blood! No-See-Ums are grey and less than an ⅛ of an inch long. Spotting them is difficult, however, if you look closely you’ll notice a distinct wing pattern and their tiny grey body.

Fire Ants

Red Fire ants are tiny pests with a painful bite. Oftentimes you’ll see them in mounds and in back yards. If you’re not watching closely, you could easily step into an ant village and within seconds accumulate hundreds feeding on your skin. Especially in South Florida, they will create mounds all over any dry patch of lawn. Again, the best way to rid these guys from festering in your lawn is to hire a local fertilizer service in Jupiter.

Yellow Fever Mosquito

Mosquitoes of all types harbor disease, however, these guys have been known to carry Yellow Fever, a viral disease that has been eradicated by vaccine and a clean environment but can be life threatening. Although it’s now a rare disease, these mosquitoes are known to be carriers from Africa.

Palmetto Bugs

These guys piggybacked all the way from so it’s natural they feel entitled to invade your home. As creepy and invasive as they look, they are quite harmless (they don’t bite humans, they feed on paper, clothing, cardboard, etc). They do, however, carry diseases. Palmetto bugs, Florida cockroach or flying water bug, like very dry and dark places. When it rains, if you don’t have a good extermination routine, they will climb in through doors, windows and even your sewer.

The Ex-Terminator

In order to prevent these bugs from thinking, ‘I’ll be back’, the most efficient and financially savvy way to rid them for good is through a professional extermination process.

If whatever exterminating that you’re doing isn’t working, maybe it’s time for local pest control in Jupiter Florida to get the job done right. With over 20 years of exceptional service under their belt, they know just how to rid your home and commercial property of any kind of pest. Call the Coastal Pest Control team today!


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