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Essentials to follow after Pest Control

Essentials to follow after Pest Control

Essentials to follow after Pest Control

Pest infestation gives you relief from roaches, flies, rats, spiders and other insects. During the hurricane season, one can more readily notice bugs roaming around the house. Nobody can bear the sight of crawling insects in their kitchen. It can be unsettling to be in your home and notice that bugs are taking a walk on your dirty dishes in the sink while others are peeping from the holes waiting for you to leave the kitchen – this can leave you feeling uneasy. All this can be controlled via pest control but still these insects can come back if you don’t follow the essentials after Pest control. Let us shed some light on the points that needs to be adhered to after a pest control session.



  • Cleanliness Should be first priority

Cleanliness matters most in this situation, if you had a pest infestation that required pest control at your home, then try to keep cleanliness as the top priority. If you lack proper cleanliness after insect control managed the problem, then chances are that roaches and bugs will return to making your home their home. Therefore, maintain every area of your home in a very hygienic manner, especially the kitchen area – make it spotless every night before going to bed for example. Generally, cleaning schedules will remain the same, however, your insect control professional may tell you to do light cleaning and wipe downs for 3 – 5 days after the treatment, and they might even tell you to continue with the light cleaning thereafter. Any deep cleaning would need to be held off until 7 to 10 days have passed. If you are in need of any recommendations on prolonged cleaning, simply ask your pest professional. Since each treatment is scheduled, planned, and carried out according to what your needs are, there is usually not an exact time frame on cleaning after a pest control session.



  • No Food Sources

After spraying, your pest control company advices you to keep everything crystal clean, this is because the bugs (such as roaches)have a very strong sense of smell and they can sense what’s left on your surfaces. Insect control companies use poisonous baits to kill cockroaches. So, if you want that bait to work effectively then store all your food essentials in airtight containers. Roaches are then more likely to eat the poisonous bait instead of food crumbs.



  • No Water Access

When the cockroaches start dying, they need water to drink. So ensure that your sinks and bathtubs are properly sealed so they can’t go down in the pipes to hide. This process can speed up the roach killing process.



  • Do not Worry

After the treatment, for a couple of months you might witness roaches walking around the house, but that’s completely normal. Seeing cockroaches in the house after pest control treatment can distress you for a while but try to realize that it’s because they’re moving out of your house as the spray and poison left by the insect control professionals is still there. So, give it some time and remember that they will evacuate your home soon.

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